Christopher Wall Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Advisement , AP Language, Biology I, English Literature/Composition, Environmental Science, Ninth Grade Literature/Composition, Physical Science, Tenth Grade Literature/Composition, World Literature/Composition Honors


Mr. Wall attended Cook County Schools until his graduation in 2008.


After graduating from Cook High School, Mr. Wall attended Mercer University from 2008 until 2012. In 2012, Mr. Wall graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mercer with a double major in English and Education.


Mr. Wall is certified to teach both general sciences and English.


Mr. Wall completed his training in the Bibb County School system, student teaching at both Westside and Rutland High School.


After completing his student teaching, he applied for and received a position with Cook County; in which he has been fulfilling duties in both the science and English departments since 2012.


Christopher Britt Wall was born May 20, 1990 in Adel, GA. He was raised by his loving grandparents, Joel and Sue Wall. He attended Cook County Schools and remained a relatively unassuming child until his time at Cook High School.


At Cook High School, Mr. Wall found his place. Growing from a quiet, awkward freshman into a very active and well-known senior was a paramount period in Mr. Wall's life. As an active member of the Cook High Academic Decathlon Team, Theatre Wing, Beta Club, Anchor Club, Art Club, Y-club, and Thespian Society, Mr. Wall broke through his proverbial shell to establish his place as a lover of academia. This passion for learning followed him into college as he pursued a degree in education.


Unwilling to leave behind his roots, Mr. Wall returned to Cook County to teach. He began his career at Cook County High School, teaching English. Later, he made a transition to the science department to teach Environmental Science, Physical Science, and Biology. It seems that Mr. Wall is perpetually filling in wherever he is needed most, having moved from the English department, to science, back to English, and back to science while obtaining a certification to teach special education during these early "transitional" years of teaching. Returning to Cook High to teach was not enough; as a 4-year academic decathlete, it was only fitting for Mr. Wall to return to his favorite team as a new coach. Under the leadership of Mr. Wall and Mrs. Futch, Mr. Wall's former decathlon coach (now co-coach), the decathlon team has become Cook High's quiz bowl team.


Mr. Wall has settled into his professional home, and he hopes to have an excellent career at Cook High, helping students along the same path that he traversed years before.