Tracy Bledsoe Staff Photo

Valdosta State College - B.S.Ed (Secondary Education - Math - 7-12)

Valdosta State University - M.S.Ed (Secondary Education - Math)


Valdosta High School:  1987-1992

Open Bible Christian School:  1992-2005

Cook High School:  2005-Present


My name is Tracy Bledsoe.  I grew up moving from school to school, being the daughter of a navy family.  We moved back to Lowndes County in 1976 where I graduated from Lowndes High in 1980.  I knew upon graduation from high school that I wanted to be a high school math teacher or an accountant.  I married my husband in 1981 and knew that I would stay in the area and become a math teacher.  I have always had a love of math.

My student teaching was completed at Valdosta High School.  I graduated from Valdosta State college in 1996 with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Mathematics.  Upon graduation I substitute taught from kindergarten through high school.  My first teaching opportunity came at Valdosta High School where I taught students who were below grade level and trying to improve their math ability to grade level.  I proceeded to teach general mathematics and algebra courses for a total of five years.

Next I moved from public school to private school.  At Open Bible Christian School I was the only full time math teacher.  My responsibilities ranged from teaching seventh through twelth grade.  The courses taught ranged from general math through pre-calculus.  I even had the opportunity to teach physical science, accounting, and word processing.  My private school experience lasted for thirteen years.

I returned back public school and started at Cook High in 2005 while I was working on attaining my Masters Degree in Secondary Education - Mathematics. While at Cook, I have taught Concepts of Problem Solving, Concepts of Algebra, Math 2, Math 3, Math 4, and Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry. 

My philosophy of education is that all students can succeed.  I strive to help students to develope a love for mathematics, or at least to realize that they are capable of doing math.  I am always trying to improve my teaching as I encourage my students to improve their learning.