Constance Thomas


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Courses Taught:

FACS/ Early Childhood Education Pathway




I am married to Tom Thomas, Jr. and we have three children. Grace is an Preschool teacher and baker. Tomlll is at Valdosta State University majoring in Physical Education and John is a business major at The University of Georgia. When my career began, I taught first grade in Macon, GA right after graduating from the University of Georgia in 1991. Tom and I moved back to south Georgia and started our family, and he started his law practice.  I stayed home with Grace, Tom and John for eleven years, and then taught Preschool for a year. I have experience selling real estate, handling Public Relations for a bank, running a non-profit, as well as writing and managing grants. I am happy to be teaching again. Teaching the Early Childhood Education Pathway is rewarding to me. I love the content of the classes, and I enjoy preparing young adults to be teachers who will work with young children. Tom is now a financial advisor, and our children are almost grown.  Teaching at Cook High School is a rewarding and fulfilling avenue for me, which makes me so pleased to be preparing students to become teachers as a way of giving back to this community.