The Cook County Educational Foundation

The Cook County Educational Foundation was established in 1991 with a mission of assisting deserving students who are pursuing education beyond high school. At the 2013 Honor's Day at Cook High School, 62 scholarships were awarded to the graduating class.  These represent scholarships given from local businesses, banks, individuals, civic groups, as well as the foundation itself.  These locally generated scholarships began in earnest in 1985 with the Irving and Natalie Dinnerman Scholarship and the Ned Bryant Memorial Scholarship(Farmers and Merchants Bank). Since that humble beginning, local scholarship giving has grown and flourished. Cook County is blessed to have this foundation that is dedicated to 'paying it forward' to the next generation through the awarding of scholarships each year. 

The foundation accepts donations (which are tax deductible) from individuals, businesses, and organizations. With each year the foundation has grown in the amount of contributions and the number of scholarships awarded. Contributions can be given 'in memory of' or 'in honor of' and an acknowledgement is sent to the donor and the honoree or family of the deceased. A donation to the foundation directly influences the future of our community. Any contributions are welcomed and when an occasion arises, remember the foundation.